Very Nice Scot Nixon Dac built by Paul Hilgeman at nomad audio. lowered

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I am having to downsize my stuff to prepare for a move.  Check my other listing for other great gear.

I have a nice sounding Nixon DAC built by Paul Hilgeman @ at Nomad audio.  This was built for his own personal use and sounds great and comes in a interesting little red box.  Not the most pleasing asthetic, but a great sounding dac.

I am asking $220.00 or best offer. :duh:
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Bump with  lowered price.


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Hey Buckeye:
I am not sure what you mean by a SN DAC buily by Paul.  Can you please explain.


I am not sure what you are asking?
It is a Scott Nixon DAC kit that was assembled by Paul.


I built it :)

It worked and sounded great for a few years.

I had a project box laying around that I threw it in, I think it might have an extra hole in the front.... (extra cooling :) )

Anyways, it works and sounds very good, organic, transparent, tons of depth and imaging, and a bargain.




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Any photos of it?  Also, what inputs does it have?


Coax input

price includes shipping.


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Is this the tube version?



Man, that case has been through heck and back.  I originally made the case, not the DAC, about 6 years ago.   :oops: :oops: :oops:


Interesting, the link on audigon reads "Phil," inside the link, it says "Hagerman," but in reality it was "Paul Hilgeman?"  :lol: :duh:


i have decided to keep this