New Reference Monos Arrived

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New Reference Monos Arrived
« on: 7 Jan 2003, 02:37 am »
I was skeptical When I placed order for three Reference Monos in December in order to replace L-C-R channels of Rotel 1095. Thanks to HD, I did it.

They arrived today. Excellent packaging. Great exterior quality. Very very Heavy.

I completed the setup few minutes back, but, was hesitant to play the music based on break-in stories.  Thought, hey so what ?

My decision for Monos was non-brainer. It was very easy for person like me to spot the diffrence between Rotel and Monos. No comparision.

Voices are clear. I am listening to the whole spectrum of music not just the surface (which was the case with Rotel). I am listening to new details of music that was completely non-existent before. I wouldn't have believed that an average amplifier could eat-up the details in music until today.

Now, I understand and realizing the great experiences shared on HD forum.

Thanks to all.

P.S. Yes, I will go through the break-in process starting from now.