sub interest?

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sub interest?
« on: 25 Feb 2007, 06:37 pm »
Every once and a while, we decide to do a project for ourselves.  This time around, we're working on a new subwoofer design.  This will not be a product we will offer on an on-going basis.  The reason is simple.

This subwoofer will be designed around a plate amp that is not generally available.  I was recently in contact with the manufacturer and they are in the midst of a production run scheduled to be complete in mid-March.  They are building about a half dozen extra units and offered us the opportunity to obtain a few of them.  So we will be placing an order for a few of these amps shortly. 

Since they are not generally available, we will not be able to offer any subwoofers built with them as a standard product.  So this is a one-time proposition.

The amps in question are among the very best subwoofer plate amps available.  They are rated at 1200 watts and have extensive control functions, including the option of up to two crossover settings, two full parametric EQ circuits, continuously variable phase control, and more.  They are up to 95% efficient, run very cool and have a massive power supply.

Although the remainder of the subwoofer design can be customized to your individual specifications (driver, cabinet type, etc.), ours will be a ported design based on a 15" TC Sounds driver.  The specific driver we have chosen will handle 800 watts of continuous power and features a 28mm XMAX.  So it can move a lot of air!

We have modeled it in a ported cabinet.  Without EQ, the F3 is 25Hz with an F10 of about 18Hz.  With the EQ functions included in the plate amp, bass extension can be even lower.

The exact outer cabinet dimensions have not yet been determined, but the internal volume will be around 4.5 cu. ft.  This would be roughly a cabinet that is 22" wide, 22" deep and 24" inches tall.

Sealed versions, or versions using a 12" subwoofer driver, would of course result in a smaller cabinet size.  But bass extension would be more limited.

The amp we will utilize is not inexpensive and neither are the drivers.  But this will be a very clean, musical, high-performance subwoofer with great output capabilities.

The estimated final cost of this subwoofer will be around $2950 in your choice of veneers with our standard lacquer finish.  A hand-rubbed piano finish would add about $750. 

As indicated above, this offer will be limited to just a few units and will no longer be available once our plate amp order is placed.  A 50% deposit will be required to participate in this project.

If you are interested, please email me at

- Jim