DeCapo vs. Zu Druid or Tone

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DeCapo vs. Zu Druid or Tone
« on: 21 Feb 2007, 02:53 pm »
Has anyone ever made this comparison side by side? I've often wondered how they compare.


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Re: DeCapo vs. Zu Druid or Tone
« Reply #1 on: 21 Feb 2007, 06:49 pm »
Happen to have the chance to listen to the MMDCi and Druid IV, both driven by flea-power single ended tube amps.

Although the Druid IV pair has higher efficiency rating, the MMDCi pair has better resolution and dynamics in my opinion.


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Re: DeCapo vs. Zu Druid or Tone
« Reply #2 on: 25 Oct 2007, 09:17 am »
there is no comparison except that the Tone is more efficient ,even the Dulcet destroys the Tone ,I owned the druids and tone, they are both gone ,they use a cheap Chinese electravoice driver the dynamics are very good that is where it ends compared to a solid single driver the precesion and inner detail is decent at best , Any one of the Reference loudspeakers will beat it hands down I  had over 3 months each and even run the drivers in for over 300+ hours hoping to fix the fuzzyness in the inner midband no luck.I worked voicing Electrostatic panels for Final sound so I would say I qualify to know what is good,also I have had every type of loudspeaker ever made ,
meaning stats , dipole, ported, transmission line .sealed single and multiple driver.  As long as you have quality electronics , cables the Reference loudspeakers will never let you down ,you may hate that they are so reveiling with bad recordings except this or by a speaker
 like a living voice that is warm and forgiving -aka Sonus faber ,-safe speakers they are called ,Masking speakers is a better term!


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Re: DeCapo vs. Zu Druid or Tone
« Reply #3 on: 28 Oct 2007, 03:05 am »
The Dulcet are an amazing mini-monitor. I own a pair and I plan on keeping them for life. As the reviewer stated in the following review, "The Dulcet gives you music with one voice..." says it all.



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Re: DeCapo vs. Zu Druid or Tone
« Reply #4 on: 29 Oct 2007, 06:52 pm »
Have you compared the Grand Veena and L'Integral Nouveau? If so, any preference? Which is considered the top dog in the line?


Re: DeCapo vs. Zu Druid or Tone
« Reply #5 on: 29 Oct 2007, 07:02 pm »
IMO Druids need more juice then their 101 db/watt would suggest.  I am currently looking to upgrade my amp and I have found that low pwer amps just don't due these speakers justice.  So I am not surprised that a head to head with a weak amp made the Druids look bad. 


Re: DeCapo vs. Zu Druid or Tone
« Reply #6 on: 29 Oct 2007, 07:25 pm »
Just read your post, I just got a pair of Druids and am using with a pair SET Dared 300B 8wpc, not sure if I am totally impressed with the sound. I have a Proceed AMP 150 wpc Solid State amp and a Carver 1.5T high current amp. Do you think they would be better with the Druids? It is strange that you mentioned they sound better with more power since they are 101 dbl??


Re: DeCapo vs. Zu Druid or Tone
« Reply #7 on: 29 Oct 2007, 07:29 pm »
Well they are 12ohm so you are not getting the full 8watts.  I would try the other amps and see.  I would love to hear if you have similar results as me.



Re: DeCapo vs. Zu Druid or Tone
« Reply #8 on: 29 Oct 2007, 07:58 pm »
Generally, 300Bs are known for warmth and the Druids are a fairly warm speaker.  I thought the Druids with a 6-watt Clari-T were a great match.  So, I think a small amp can be a good choice but it needs to be the right one.

Reports of Druids liking power have been circulating for a while, but they are quite sensitive so careful matching would be needed here too - like any speaker/amp.