FS: Thorens TD-124 MKII with original tonearm

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FS: Thorens TD-124 MKII with original tonearm
« on: 19 Feb 2007, 01:53 pm »
OK, I bought this TT not too long ago, but I am downsizing and dont need two TT.

The TT works great as the previous owner really did maintain it in excellent shape.   Although, I was going to change to tonearm to a Sumiko MMT, I changed my mind and am leaving the original BTD-12 tonearm on it. But it will get some new RCA outputs as the original were "just old".

At the moment, its at Audio Atlanta, getting a new Shure M44 or an Audio Technica that fits the characteristics of the table and tonearm. (I cant remember which one). The TT will be setup by a true TT expert.

The plinth is really nice and can be loaded with sand or lead...Cosmetically its in great shape.

Price is 1200.00, which is on the higher side, but all original, new correct cart for the headshell, new RCA's and a tuneup, and an extra armboard.  So there is no second guessing this TT.



ps: check me feedback in Audiogon (jsujo) or ebay (musicshmoe)...

Shipping is from Zip 31535 to be paid by buyer.

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