FS: Consonance CD120 CD player

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FS: Consonance CD120 CD player
« on: 4 Feb 2007, 07:29 pm »
I need to find this superb player a new home. I had it for a short time before I took Frank Van Alstine up on his challenge to try his Ultra DAC. I already have his OmegaStar 440EX amp so I know the high quality of Frank's gear. The Ultra DAC simply elevated my listening pleasure to new heights. Now, don't get me wrong, the CD120 is one superb, musical player. It's just that the Ultra DAC took me further into what I was looking for. I was using the CD120 as a transport then I remembered that Frank had said that any decent player would make a perfectly fine transport to be used with his Ultra DAC. I had an older HK DVD22 player in storage so I hooked it up to do an A/B comparison between the two units being used as transports. Well, after about a month of A/B testing I could not hear any difference between the two players being used as transports. Kudo's to Frank, he was absolutely correct in what he said. So bottom line here is that I don't need a transport of the CD120's caliber when the HK DVD22 will fit the bill. I am selling the CD120 for $600 including shipping to US or Canada. If interested please shoot me a PM.