Infinity RS1b's for Sale

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Infinity RS1b's for Sale
« on: 27 Jan 2007, 10:46 pm »
I have a very nice set of Infinity RS1b's for sale.

I have been a very happy owner for many years. Why after so many years of owning and working with such wonderful speakers would I do such a thing? I believe I have finally found a suitable replacement in the new VMPS RM V60. 

They are in excellent cosmetic and working condition. All of the EMIMs have been rebuilt several years ago to a higher standard than factory by a man that did this for a living, and was recommended by Infinity to do this work. I have not been inside of the bass towers to look at the drivers, because I have not had a reason to do this. They have been working fine.

One of the real special aspects of this system is a modified crossover / bass servo control unit. This was done by Greg Schug, the man that built the IRS bass control units for Infinity. This very special unit I have has a beefed up external power supply. It has a much larger range of gain control allowing for the often great mismatch in input sensitivities between SS and tube amps. This alone corrects one of the major deficiencies of the standard unit. Also, the standard unit begins to roll off around 25 Hz. In my room, this unit allows the towers to be flat down to 17 Hz and then begins the roll off. I also have an unmodified standard unit that is near mint that can be included.

What am I asking? To be honest I really need to think about it, because I know I cannot ask what they are worth to me, but it must at least be worth my while to let them go. However, it will be quite reasonable considering what you would have to pay for something like these from a manufacturer today.  In todays world of audio it amazes me that very often so much is asked for so little.

I live in Louisiana and that brings up a major issue of getting them someplace other than here.  As usual it is extremely preferable for someone to pick these up.  The added benefit is the ability to audition them properly set up in a room with good acoustics.  However, I can build very good crates that would add quite a bit to the shipping cost (materials + added weight + my time, sweat, and lots of tears).  You may pay for the tears anyway :).  These will not be easy to let go.  They have become family.  If you think you may be interested shoot me an email and you can twist my arm.


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Re: Infinity RS1b's for Sale
« Reply #1 on: 27 Jan 2007, 11:46 pm »
That you finally found something to replace the 1b's is something.  Interesting it only took about 20+ years. 

The impact of the 1b & it's senior brother, the then-$65k IRS III's is hard to overestimate.  Only heard the 1b's a few times casually, but got a serious audition of the III's at one of VMPS' other customers, the owner of Landmark greeting cards & calendars.

The then-ticket price of the 1b was around $7k if memory serves (please someome confirm or correct).  The current similar value adjusted for inflation might be about $20k.  As we all know there are currently a ton of speakers in the $10 to $100k range.  But to put the 1b in it's proper perspective for its time, it could be argued that it would be more like a $150k speaker from today's era.  There just weren't a plethora of speakers back then in the 1b's price range, at least not from such well-respected manufacturer's like Infinity w/ its stellar track record. 

When properly setup (in its era meaning tubes, few ss amps coupled properly w/ the planars), it seemed every single professional reviewer who heard them raved over, lusted for, & dreamed of ways to afford the 1b.  The planar section of the III's was powered by a then-$5k Onkyo 90 lb amp.  It sounded sweet. 

By virtually any stretch of the imagination the 1b is a historical benchmark for its era & obviously far beyond, esp w/ the upgrades mentioned.         

I'd love to own a pair.  They are one of very few speakers from that era that someone could take grade pride of ownership.  It wouldn't hurt either that we know more about room acoustics & that there have been gains in anciliary components. 

My 2c.

nature boy

Re: Infinity RS1b's for Sale
« Reply #2 on: 28 Jan 2007, 12:56 am »
Hey, nice speakers.  Can you slip them on a pirogue and send them up to Delaware?  aa



Re: Infinity RS1b's for Sale
« Reply #3 on: 28 Jan 2007, 01:52 pm »
Interesting it only took about 20+ years.
I have had these for about 16 years or so.  It may sound strange, but even with a dedicated room having good dimensions, it has only been in the last several months where I feel I have really finally gotten them dialed in.  Each time in the past when I have felt this way, I will make a change in something, often as small as a few inches here or there to great effect.  As you have mentioned, we know so much more these days about acoustics and associated gear, that these speakers have been anything but static in their performance.  They have just continued to grow over time.  I often wonder about folks that keep speakers for much shorter periods of time, if they really ever have the chance to know what they could really do?

There have been other speaker systems that have tempted me over the years, such as the also now discontinued Genesis IIs.  Designed by the same individual, I saw them as nearly a direct replacement.  But would they have been that much better?  Then, there was the cost, wow.  It was the cost factor that has kept me out of the market for so long.  I believe the last run of RS1bs did sell around 7K.  Mine are more the middle of the line and were probably closer to 5.5K (I am the second owner).  Also as you had mentioned, a lot of money for back then.

What I have grown used to is a system that sounds small with smaller scale works, yet also huge when called for.  I love that wall to wall presentation with monolithic sized speakers that just disappear into the room seamlessly.  That says a lot when the front wall is 21.5 feet wide (I have them set-up on the long wall).

That brings us to VMPS.  I have been following that line for years ever since I owned some of their original subs for my Acoustat 1+1s.  I have felt for a while that the VMPS line with their marriage of ribbons and cone bass drivers might be ideal for me, but would I miss the dipole nature of what I now have?  I also own some CLS1s that I occasionally switch into the mix in my room, and I have grown to appreciate what these dipoles, both stats and ribbons, can do. 

Now with these RM V60s, I have the choice of maintaining a full dipole effect, or tuning that down to what my room would like.  That is very unique indeed.  Their entire concept and entry cost being such a new product make them a very interesting proposition.  They are certainly not free, but far less than other so called 'state of the art' systems.

I guess I will see what happens here.  I plan on posting on Audiogon a bit later.  Hopefully someone will be taking these off my hands and getting a very good deal, while I will be moving towards the RM V60 and also getting quite a bargain in the long run, for the long run.  I have the impression that these too are speakers that will have a performance envelope that will grow and expand over time.

I wish I could keep everything, but I just don't have the room to store things.  Besides, these Infinities really deserve to be in use.

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Re: Infinity RS1b's for Sale
« Reply #4 on: 29 Jan 2007, 12:39 am »
Hi DAve, I hope you don't mind I posted a link to this page on the Infinity guys page.

Hope it helps, all the best, Guy


Re: Infinity RS1b's for Sale
« Reply #5 on: 29 Jan 2007, 12:54 am »
Hello Dave:

Can you post a pic of the passive crossovers on the mid/tweeter panels?
Also the wiring on the back spine of the mid/tweeter tower?
I'm looking for a pair of RS1b's. Perhaps yours are the ones I seek.


Paul :)


Re: Infinity RS1b's for Sale
« Reply #6 on: 29 Jan 2007, 12:42 pm »
Thank you for posting on that other forum for me. 

I would be glad to furnish any pictures required.  However, I am out of town right now, but will be back home in about 12 days.  Please feel free to email me and I would be glad to help with any information I can from here.

What sets these RS1bs apart from the rest is the unique bass servo unit and the nature of these rebuilt EMIMs.