Mapleshade Ultimate triplepoints and heavy hats

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Mapleshade Ultimate triplepoints and heavy hats
« on: 12 Jul 2003, 01:58 am »
I recently posted a review on Mapleshade Bedrock stands. I loved them. I wanted to get my subwoofer up to speed with my speakers.
I use a VBT Magellan subwoofer. The reviewer at the Ultimate Sound said it was the most musical sub he has heard. All I know is it blends seemlessly in my small NYC apt. The problem I had was firmness of bass at the deep lower registers. I thought it was my small apt. and I would need to order digital EQ. Wrong answer!
I put 3 of the large brass cones from Mapleshade under my sub.
I nearly s---. I did not recognize that sound as my room. This was beautiful,round,tight, musical bass. Whether stand up acoustic bass on jazz, or in your face techno bass from Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, Michael Jackson, or hip hop bass from Kid Rock OHHHH!
It is like they made my room bigger or I traded up to a new system.
Then I remembered a sub probably has more vibrations than any piece of gear, no wonder it made such a difference.
I want to try some movies next.
Enjoy the life,


Mapleshade Ultimate triplepoints and heavy hats
« Reply #1 on: 12 Jul 2003, 02:12 am »
I use MapleShade Ultimates under my transport and Heavyhats on top.  I found they increased detail and focus while seemingly helping to produce a more relaxed nature to my CDs.  I think they are a great tweak.  I didn't think to use them under my sub though!  Way cool.