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« on: 2 Jan 2007, 03:06 am »
Does anyone know where to get some nicer knobs for the MAD preamps? I have the older Line 2M that has 3 large knobs-selector, balance, and volume. The metal tapered knobs that are on a preamp in the pictures section are nice, but I've never seen any like that for sale.           

steve k

Re: Knobs
« Reply #1 on: 2 Jan 2007, 05:14 am »
I bought my aluminum knobs from:

There's a picture of mine in the lower left hand corner of the Mapletree gallery.


Re: Knobs
« Reply #2 on: 3 Jan 2007, 04:09 am »
Thanks Steve! I ordered the same knobs you have tonight. They will really 'dress-up' my preamp & headphone amp.

some young guy

Re: Knobs
« Reply #3 on: 28 Sep 2007, 10:29 pm »
i don't mean to butt-in on your thread, but i just finished this project for a fellow a/c member.

you can take a look here if you'd like:


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Re: Knobs
« Reply #4 on: 29 Sep 2007, 12:16 am »
And that would be me.  Scott made me a pair of beautiful figured maple side panels and a matching knob that everybody who has seen them has remarked how beautiful they are.

In fact, my wife was *disappointed* to hear that the headamp was for my office and not for the main system in the living room.  Now it looks as if I may have to get another one :D.

The amp is not done yet, so I can't comment on sonics just yet, but if it ends up sounding half as good as it looks, it will be great. (and I have no doubt it will.)

-- Jim


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Re: Knobs
« Reply #5 on: 29 Sep 2007, 03:54 am »
Nice work....looks great !!!!  :drool: