Audition Please?

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Jeff M

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Audition Please?
« on: 1 Jan 2007, 06:58 pm »
Hi, new guy here and was hoping to possibly hear a set of HT3;s in my area? I am located near Erie, PA. I am currently using Infinity RS1B's on my main system and I am looking to hear some Salks. Don't get me wrong, the Infinities are a great loudspeaker, but I guess I cannot ever be satisfied :oops:. Perhaps getting tired of the planer sound?

Big Red Machine

Re: Audition Please?
« Reply #1 on: 1 Jan 2007, 07:24 pm »
I am having a large HT GTG here in Canton, MI Jan 20th.  I have HT3's and Jim will be here with the new V3's as well.  I am 2 hours 45 minutes hours from Cleveland.


Re: Audition Please?
« Reply #2 on: 1 Jan 2007, 08:47 pm »
Jeff -

In the other direction, there is an HT3 owner in Pittsburg that has granted auditions in the past and you are always welcome here (the Detroit area).

- Jim