Line 2+3+1 SE six channel line preamp for HT/stereo systems

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Does anybody have any experience with this?  Is it an HT processor?  Just curious.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.


I there nobody who knows anything about this preamp?


Dr Lloyd is not much of a poster, and I haven't heard of anyone from theis board using the unit you are refering to.
If you don't get a response here I would try emailing Dr Lloyd and asking his thoughts. He is good about answering his emails. I know he is swamped with work now, not taking orders even.
Good luck, I would like to hear what he says, if you would kindly post the results.


Thank you.  I will call him and let you know what I find out.


I don't know much about it, but I can tell you it isn't a processor, it is just a multichannel analog preamp.


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I know all about it actually.  Dr Lloyd designed it for me but my funds fell through at the time.  It's basically a Line 2 SE with a 6 channel input added on to it.  It has level controls for each channel. 

I ended up with a Audio Refinement Pre5 mostly because I wanted to control the volume by remote control.

If Dr Lloyd does not respond and you have a specific question ask away I will try and answer.  I still have the drawing for it saved in My Pictures but can't seem to figure out how to up load them here.