a fun little game. ..

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a fun little game. ..
« Reply #1 on: 2 Jul 2003, 09:02 pm »
Oh don't even get me started on that game.... been playing it for a couple of months now.   :roll:

I would love to hear if some one can get past level 9 or even score on it.  If you are having trouble with it jumping around right click and lower the quality to low.  That should help ya out.


a fun little game. ..
« Reply #2 on: 3 Jul 2003, 04:17 am »
Level 7-18210  First time, how do I get that advertisement of the lower right quarter of my playing field?  Also I don't understand how I got those incredible curves :?
Thanks for the link :wink:

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a fun little game. ..
« Reply #3 on: 3 Jul 2003, 05:36 pm »
Reminds me of Robo Squash for the Atari Lynx.  Played that one a lot.