Turbo Duo NEC Japan

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Turbo Duo NEC Japan
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"Ahh, now how did I forget about my Saturn & Dreamcast? :scratch: Never got into the Saturn much. Though the Japanese copy of House Of The Dead & the pair of official Japanese Sega light guns (can't believe that Sega never sold light guns in the US even though they sold light gun games :duh: ) I've got were plenty entertaining."
The Japanese Sega Saturn games were so much better than the US games it's not even funny.  Again, the great thing is that the games used English language inside the game itself.  If it weren't for the Japanese games, I never would have kept the SS.  I still enjoy the 10 player Bomberman.  No company has ever had that many players in a game.  It was difficult to see the action after 8 people joined in though.  Adding the other 2 players expanded the gamefield and shrunk the players too much.  To play a Japanese game on the US systems, all you need is the Game Shark for Saturn.  When starting the game you just hold down the "abc" buttons and the Japanese Bios will load and poof!, the Japanese game will work.

I thought that the Duo needed an adapter for the US HuCards, just couldn't remember exactly. Yeah, I was fond of the old TG16 shooters. Still have a few of them. Though I don't have any of the CD games. But I do have 2 of the LD games. If you think finding NEC CD-ROM games try to find the NEC LD-ROM games. :o

I didn't even know that there was a Laserdisc based system out there besides the Don Bluth drawn one with the Dirk the Daring and the horrible Dragon, or something like that anyway.  Dragon Quest?

And I've got a TV tuner for my TurboExpress. Found a NIB one about 5 years ago right after I'd found a mint TurboExpress. The TE was well ahead of it's time portable-wise. It had such a beautiful backlit active matrix LCD screen. And obviously had a good deal of power since it used regular TurboGrafx games. I'd always wanted one when they were new, but didn't have the $ back then...

Did you know that you can still purchase the TurboExpress new in the box for $180 at www.tzd.com?  They were the importer of the games and possibly the systems into the US.

Well, if you do decide to sell the Duo I'm sure you'd get a ton of $ for it on eBay. Especially if you've got the box, instructions, packing etc. as well. I've not looked for a Duo for 4 or 5 years. But they were expensive then, and I'm sure they're expensive now. The Duo was one of the systems I never did pick up 4 or 5 years ago when I was in a video game collecting mode. I'd not picked up that, another Neo Geo, or a SuperGrafx. Those were all systems I wanted to own, but they were very, very expensive... :cry:

I wanted a Supergrafx system so badly it hurt.  And then I purchased the Japanese Diamakumura I and II (Ghouls and Ghosts, and Ghosts and Goblins?) for the Sega Saturn and voila!, I had the game in nearly arcade perfect shape. 

I'm a bit curious about where the Ducati question came from. Best I can guess is you read the 966 in my handle and saw it as 996 since you're a bike guy and associated it with the Ducati. The 966 is a reference to a piece of heavy equipment I used to run, the Caterpillar 966 Front Loader to be exact.

Yeah, I thought you were riffing on the Ducati 996.  I don't know anything about the Caterpillars, except that my grandfather was a gear inspector for them for many many years.  He's 87 now, so I don't know if I could get any information from him about the Caterpillar company.  Great pension, from what I understand.

I didn't know if I should sell it on eBay or not.  I purchased it from a guy in Japan, back when I had a lot more trust in the eBay population.  I got burned by a seller on eBay to the tune of 300+ dollars and eBay's "Safe Harbor" policy (now extinct) promised that a buyer would be out only $25 if a deal went bad.  I received an e-mail stating that, 1.  Yes I was burned and 2.  Too bad for you eBay can't help.  I don't use eBay too awful much any more.  GRRRRRRRR!



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