MAD pre with Bryston?

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MAD pre with Bryston?
« on: 23 Nov 2006, 02:23 pm »
Hi Guys/Gals,

I am interested to try a tube pre in my system and I am wondering
how Mapletree (maybe the Line 2A SE) might work with my set-up.

Currently I am running a Musical Fidelity CD-Pre24 into a Bryston
14B into a pair of PMC OB1's.

My plan is to bypass the preamp section of the MF and just use
it as a CDP.
I have no vinyl, so a phono section is not a real concern for me.

It is not that I am unhappy with the sound that I am getting right
now, but that I would like to experiment and see if I am missing

If anybody has experience with a similar scenario, please feel free
to chime in.


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Re: MAD pre with Bryston?
« Reply #1 on: 27 Nov 2006, 12:45 am »
Hi Tom, I am using a Line 2A SE with a Bryston 4B ST and I like this combo.  Some people suggest Bryston amps are forward and dry, I find it to be very neutral and it compliments the relaxed sound of the line 2 nicely.  I find that choosing the right source component is the key to whether there is a presence or absence of a little upper midrange hardness.  Using balanced or rca inputs on the amp makes a difference also due to  different input impedances.  Connected via the balanced input, the sound is a bit rounded with a bigger soundstage.  Using the rca inputs, the sound seems a bit sharper, more dynamic but the soundstage seems a little narrower.  Hope this helps.