Class D TVC Integrated amplifier

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Class D TVC Integrated amplifier
« on: 1 Nov 2006, 03:05 am »
Hi John
I am enjoying my Bent Audio TAP immensely and find that it is really the most transparent preamp that I have ever heard! While I am a happy preamp/amplifier camper, I was musing with some interest the thread in this same forum of the integrated vs pre/amp debate and cannot help but wonder whether it would be possible for you (and Kevin Haskins?) to come up with an Integrated amplifier that uses the Hypex class D module for amplification and S & B TVCs for the preamplifier part, somehow housing these into one neat and compact unit (name it TAP-EX Integrated)! The small footprint, superb power and efficiency of class D amplification and the "see through" transparency of TVCs would synergise the best of both worlds. If my system is anything to go by, the performance of this combo for speed, transparency and purity would possibly sonically beat any integrated out there, regardless of price! Is this technically and economically feasible?

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Re: Class D TVC Integrated amplifier
« Reply #1 on: 1 Nov 2006, 03:23 am »
Having owned the D-200's and the BENT NOH (not at the same time), I bet that would make for an excellent combination.

Hopefully Kevin and John can make it happen.



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Re: Class D TVC Integrated amplifier
« Reply #2 on: 1 Nov 2006, 12:47 pm »
It does make a great combination.   8)

The small UCD modules themselves are easy to cram in, but you'd have to find a spot for an amp power transformer.

Mine fits all in one box, but it certainly isn't very compact/small.

This combo got a bit of discussion over on DIY Audio a bit back, but I've not been over there in months.

Kevin Haskins

Re: Class D TVC Integrated amplifier
« Reply #3 on: 1 Nov 2006, 05:51 pm »
John & I have talked about combining the resistor based boards and the UcD amps for a package but not the TVCs.    Mainly because the resistor board can fit in our existing chassis without much modification and the short input length to the amps input stage makes them a good fit for the application.

The TVCs are not small and you have to design the chassis around the concept.  It would have to be large too.... maybe 18"-20" deep.    Most integrated customers tend to be looking for economy so I'm not sure how viable the TVC/UcD integrated would be but I'd tackle the project if we had a couple early adopters willing to help finance the custom chassis work necessary.    I'd estimate that the finished product would be $3500-$4500 depending on how many bells and whistles to apply and I'd need at least two people to commit to make it a go.

John Chapman

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Re: Class D TVC Integrated amplifier
« Reply #4 on: 1 Nov 2006, 11:25 pm »

Kevin summed it up perfectly - as usual! We could maybe use TAP-X box with a modified back panel and a separate box for the power supply.  A decent supply and all the other stuff in one box is going to make it a VERY big box - not ideal for an integrated I'd guess since you'd want to locate it on a shelf to get access to front panel button's, level knob, etc.....

 Another month or so to get right up to date with all these new designs and maybe we'll work one out. I think the combo is great but Kevin's pricing is close so it is not a budget solution - which would I think limit the QTY that would be sold - which in turn will make it tricky to do a special chassis run just for that product.......



Kevin Haskins

Re: Class D TVC Integrated amplifier
« Reply #5 on: 2 Nov 2006, 01:58 am »

Kevin summed it up perfectly - as usual!

Oh come on now.... you have me blushing. 

I just grabbed a couple transformers, an input board mock-up (cardboard) and took my best guess about how much space we would need for the front panel controls.   It looks like we would need another inch or two.   I think it could work in our standard chassis in both width & height but we would need the enclosure to be about 16" deep to fit everthing gracefully and keep some good layout rules.     

I think the biggest problem would be the price.   I don't get that many people looking to drop $4500 on an integrated amp.   If they are spending that kind of money they want separates.    Right now someone could buy the TAP TVC system for $2500 and one of my amps for just over $1000 and they would have functionally the same thing in two boxes.   The only advantage with the integrated would be space, not price.   You would give up the flexibility of mixing and matching in systems also so I'd say most people shopping in that price range will punt on the integrated and go for two separate components. 

One thing we are going to have to do though John is either put the TVC & Bent parts in one of my chassis or the Hypex parts in one of yours.    That way we could have a nice cosmetically matching set.