Ultralinear review of Sapphire XL . . ANOTHER Rave :)

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Mike Dzurko

"The compact size of the Sapphire XLs end with their looks. They play with an ease and fullness that belies their sensible dimensions. The bottom end is rock solid with the kind of extension that just doesn't happen with monitors, until now. More musically relevant than its low LF reach is the sense of speed and pitch precision that the XLs achieve. . . .

All this lets the music float free, regardless of the style of music you enjoy. The sound stage is expansive without being diffuse while images are sharply focused without being etched . . .

Now, I've heard the first great speaker from a fine and solid company that has proven its dedication to its craft and art through the Sapphire XL. Though the folks at ACI are too modest to use the appelation, the Sapphire XL is a true reference speaker, and that is not a term I use lightly. Highly recommended for immediate audition."

Paul Cervantes . . .  Ultralinear Audio Journal
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Re: Ultralinear review of Sapphire XL . . ANOTHER Rave :)
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Rave is an understatement!  He REALLY liked the XLs.  And, from all accounts, they were very well received at the RMAF.  I'm glad others concur that these are very special speakers indeed.  Congratulations on yet another laudatory review, Mike! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: