"Found" at my parent's house!

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"Found" at my parent's house!
« on: 23 Jun 2003, 12:44 am »
I was fishing through old boxes at my parent's house and found some of my old records.  Some were in pretty sad condition but, after a good cleaning, sound pretty good.  I found:

- Grand Funk: We're an American Band (the gold vinyl version).  Gold records don't sound that great but this record rocks!  Now playing!
- Several Black Sabbath records (I was a HUGE fan in the day).  
- AC/DC: Back in Black.
- Ten Nugent: Cat Scratch Fever, and a live album (poor recording but Ted rocked in the early 80's.  
- Van Halen 1 still in the plastic (I had two copies).  Great rock album.
- Deep Purple: Deep Purple (really scratchy, don't know if it can be saved)
- Jimi Hendrix: Are you Experienced (perfect shape), Electric Ladyland
- Zeplin I
- A bunch of Stones Records (everything up to Tatoo You which I bought and never listened to because it sounded too "Disco")
- Bunch of assorted stuff that I need to sort through but overall, not bad.

I also picked up a stylus cleaner called "Last" and a little brush.  After using it, I would say it's a necessity.  Also, a carbon fiber brush that I really like.  

Vinyl rules!



"Found" at my parent's house!
« Reply #1 on: 23 Jun 2003, 02:50 am »
heh. Sounds like we've been down the same road or two.  8)

I was even in the same camp about the Stones at the time. *And* I still have about every ZZTop album up to Deguello (which is still awesome) but never bought one after when they also went tube snake disco.  :roll: