"Best way to copy LPs to CD's using a Computer" thread on Agon

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Sorry I don't know much about PC audio yet, but the above thread is posted on Audiogon.

Doesn't Hagerman make a great little device that does just this?

I bring this up because noone on the Agon thread has mentioned Hagerman, and I wanted to let you know in case:
1) You do make a product that would help this guy out

2) You wanted to spread the word to those who want to rip from LPs who don't know about Hagerman.

Sorry if I'm off base here - I've never used Hag products but thought I might be able to do a favor for a respected ACircle mfgr.


Thanks for the tip.  Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to "shill" or advertise.  Same rules go for asylum.  You have to walk a fine line.  I've been scolded before.  But hey, lemme see what I can squeeze in...


Ok, I just posted.  We'll see if it shows up, as my stuff has to pass through a moderator first.


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