CD swap meet II

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CD swap meet II
« on: 5 Jan 2003, 07:11 am »
K, here goes my list:

John Coltrane--best of the Bethlehem sessions.
Bob seger--Live Bullet
The best of the band
Eric Clapton--From the Cradle
Eric Clapton--Journeyman
Eric Clapton/ BB King--Riding with the King
Blues Traveler self titled
Blues Traveler--Live from the Fall (2 discs)
Bob Dylan--Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1966 (two disc set with book and box all in fantastic condition)
Led Zeppelin--The Song remains the Same (two disc set, from the film)
Alice in Chains--Unplugged
Dream Theater--Once in a livetime (two disc)
Dream Theater--Scenes from a memory
Rush--retrospect discs 1 and 2
Jefferson Airplane--2600 Fullton street discs 1 and 2
Genesis--the hits
Yardbirds--BBC sessions
Emerson, Lake, and Palmer--live (2 disc)
Ozzy Osbourne--Ozzman Cometh

want to trade fo jazz, classical, flamenco, mellow rock


CD swap meet II
« Reply #1 on: 8 Jan 2003, 01:38 pm »
I've got a mint Jimmy McGriff disc of his greatest hits on Blue Note I'll trade for that EC and BB.



CD swap meet II
« Reply #2 on: 11 Jan 2003, 10:32 pm »
Sorry Hantra, all the Eric Clapton discs are gone.  Anythign else tickle your fancy?

Ok, adding some that might generate more itnerest...

The Doors--4 disc boxed set.  Really nice.

Ani Difranco--Reveling/reckoning (two disc), will also throw in an ani difranco/utah phillips disc

Live--Throwing Copper


CD swap meet II
« Reply #3 on: 30 Jan 2003, 08:45 pm »
OK, I have...

Bob Mould _ Modulation
Stone Roses _ ST (in wrapper still)
XTC - Apple Venus Vol 1 (in wrapper)