Bolder Cable Nitro PHONO IC's....

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Bolder Cable Nitro PHONO IC's....
« on: 19 Jun 2003, 08:15 pm »
As most know I really like the Nitro cables and IC's from Bolder Cables.

When I first put my old Sansui TT into my ref system with the CI Audio VPP1 phono pre, I really liked lots of things that vinyl did, but felt that the sound reminded me how my system sounded with less than reference cables, in other words rolled off highs and less than tight bass.

I asked Wayne if he could make a Nitro Phono IC for me.  Since the cable on the Sansui was captured the only way to do it was to cut the old and solder the Nitro.

I did not do this.  Instead I bought a new Turntable.

A Teres, I bought an SME IV tone arm and Symphonic Line RG8 cartridge.
I upgraded to a (not released yet) CI Audio VPP2 phono pre for low output cartridges.

I still thought I could get better sound with a new phono cable, but my new system was worlds better than the Sansui.

The cable that came with the SME was made by SME, but with Van Den Hul Hybrid Silver cable.

After living with the SME cable for a month or two, I received the Bolder phono IC's.  This has a DIN connector on one end and Bullits on the other. It had been cryo treated.

Immeadiately the sound was a bit bright, but tighter on bottom.  In fact it almost made my analog system seem digital.

The almost too bright sound was what I had heard everytime I have tried the Nitro cables, until the next day, then I fall in love with them.

The next day after my  phono IC was put in, music seemed much more realistic than what I had been hearing with the SME cable.  It had more revealing highs, tighter bass and more focused imaging.

To make a long story longer, I really like what these IC's have done in my system.

Analog system is the Teres and CI Audio pre mentioned above.
Bent pre
Kraft 400 mono amps
nOrh 9.0 speakers
all cables are Nitro by Bolder.

Anyone want to make an offer on my SME phono IC????