A Nice Review....Super 3 XRS

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A Nice Review....Super 3 XRS
« on: 2 Sep 2006, 02:56 am »
Hey Louis....Congrats on a nice review on 6moons...... " I now can unhesitatingly recommend the Omega Super 3 XRS as a very high performance loudspeaker. " .....:beer:


Louis O

Re: A Nice Review....Super 3 XRS
« Reply #1 on: 3 Sep 2006, 07:55 pm »
Hi Chris,

Many thanks and Jeff did a great job with the review. He is an asset to 6moons for sure. I really like he way he tells you everything and gets in depth with the sound. The driver swap was very revealing.

The 4.5" hemp's are getting there and not going away at all. We hope to get the whole thing wrapped up soon. The basket again is new and much better and the cone is getting lightened.

Thanks again,


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Re: A Nice Review....Super 3 XRS
« Reply #2 on: 4 Sep 2006, 07:09 pm »
I had to put in my two cents when Jeff called the XRS's harsh.  I posted feedback on the 6moons site in praise of the Omega Super 3 XRS.  Mine are never harsh and do a fantastic job with all kinds of records including symphonic, rock, voice, solo acoustic, you name it.  They were a key part of the first upgrade in my stereo system in 20+ years.  I was so amazed when I set them up I had to call Louis and thank him personally.   The money I saved allowed me to splurge for equipment which is, for me, my ultimate system.  YMMV, I'm no expert, and am not affiliated with any of these companies, but here is my recipe for unbelievable sound.  Pricey, but within the reach of an average guy who can save.

Speakers:  Omega Super 3 XRS in quartered mahogany (which my angel loves, by the way)
Pre-amp:   ModWright SWL 9.0 SE with Bybee option (love it. period.)
Amplifier:  FirstWatt F3 Power JFET (gives the best tube amps a run for their money)
Power conditioner:  BPT Signature Plus with Bybee option  (makes a BIG difference)

Digital Sources: 
Alesis 9600 hard disk recorder with BPT Signature Plus mod
Adcom GCD-600 CD changer feeding either the Alesis DAC or an old Cobalt 307 DAC
USB audio from a Stereo-link 1400 HD (lossless from a hard drive, or Rhapsody or Pandora)

Analog source:
Nottingham Horizon SE turntable
Interspace tonearm
Grado Reference Sonata cartridge
Harmonix TU-800EX turntable matte, which made my table sound like a more expensive model
Phono pre-amp:  the phono stage of my old a/d/s CC4 pre-amp tuner while Dan Wright builds me my reference phono pre-amp, the SWLP
Cables: a mongrel mix with Burley Wire interconnects, MIT interconnects, and inexpensive MIT speaker cables terminated with Bybee Slipstream Goddess speaker tails from ModWright (worth it)

I could not have built this if I spent the kind of money I *thought* I would have to spend for great speakers.  The sound brings tears to my eyes and the performers into my listening room.  Is it system synergy?  the Bybee quantuum purifiers?  the power conditioning?  the individual genius of Dan Wright and Nelson Pass and Chris Hoff and Louis Chochos?  Damned if I know, but I am done, DONE I tell 'ya.  While everyone else is auditioning the next upgrade, I have my last done and sit back, enjoying the music.

(oops, sorry for the long post)


Louis O

Re: A Nice Review....Super 3 XRS
« Reply #3 on: 6 Sep 2006, 01:05 am »
Hi bosound,

Thanks you so much for your wonderful post and I'm so happy the system is sounding so good. The one thing you mentioned that makes me most happy is that you were able to save on the speakers and use the money for the great equipment you have in your system. I do try my best to do everything I can here at the shop to keep the prices at reasonable levels and the biggest reason that everything minus the drivers are done in house and I will stick to this way of doing things.

It really is great times to be in the hobby as there are so many wonderful companies making great sound at affordable prices, although you may have to look harder for them.

Thanks again,