Listening to the sound of no PS3...even the crickets are silent

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I am amazed that there is still no PS3 manufacturing.

I am also amazed to read that this generation of game consoles will not reach maturity until 2011. What happened to efficient global manufacturing? And surely MS will have another console to market by then!

It reminds me of some of the audio products that seem to have trouble making it to market, except that this is Sony.

It seems to suggest that the phenomenon of a game console, with real convergence as part of the product, is a much more complex project than a PC, receiver, camera, walkman, etc, have ever been.

See this interview with Sony exec Kaz Hirai


I hate to sound like an MSner.  But, I just don't trust Sony.  Everything looks fantastic on paper, but they have failed to deliver in a long time.
I really think the Wii and the 360 are going to take away the PS sheen.
In my experience the 360 is not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but HD oblivion blows me away everytime.
HD1080 is just is not in the cards for me for at least 3 years, so for them to say they will implement it, and then reading articles that 1080 with PS3 hardware is stretching it, makes me  :scratch:

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Blu-Ray is already in serious trouble; if the P3 doesn't come out of the blocks like a hurricane, then Sony is in some deep crap.


Good.  After the crap Sony keeps pulling with copy protection, I hope it keeps suffering.  Maybe some of the current decision makers will be ousted.


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I wonder what the studios that back Blu-Ray will do if the PS3 is slow out of the blocks. If a few jump ship it may start a mass exodus. The movie and TV industries tend to follow the pack instead of think for themselves.


Is it just me, or is the idea of a very expensive proprietary box that slices, dices, and, oh yeah, plays video games, off the mark? It seems Sony is once again trying to shove it's standards down our throats and this time they might lose it all as a result. Wired has a good article on this topic this month btw.


I hope that Sony and Nintendo come out with awesome platforms that put the Xbox 360 to shame. This isn't because I'm anti-Microsoft, but because I worry about Microsoft extending their market dominance into the home entertainment industry. I don't look forward to the day when you have to buy a Microsoft-certified TV, Microsoft-certified home theater receiver, Microsoft-certified speakers, Microsoft-certified HD-DVD player and all music and video are encoded in Micrsoft controlled formats with unbreakable DRM. I don't believe that one company should be allowed to rule the entertainment industry the way that Microsoft rules the computing industry.



I will wait on Xbox 360 and PS3 until I get an appropriate HDTV to utilize their graphics capability.  Of course, I'll put in a pre-order for a Nintendo WII, but I'm sure that surprises no one on this board. :lol:

Rob Babcock

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I still don't have a 360, but I'm pretty stoked at the idea of getting a P3.  Expensive, but it should be pretty cool.


You don't have to buy an expensive HDTV to enjoy the 360!  My projector outputs a stunning 720p at 93 across :D
I worry not about microsoft, there is enough competition out there.  If there is a standard, then the standard will be high.  Look what happened to Sony TV's.  They were the cat's meow, the quality that everyone wanted.  Now, above average TV's are awesome. 
What we need to worry about is Samsung, check out the top dogs in that company :o