Tempest pictures

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Tempest pictures
« on: 7 Jun 2003, 02:03 pm »
Could someone who owns that fine pre-amp take pictures from all sides including the inside of the pre-amp?  I’m getting tired of standing on the fence on what needs to be done about a pre-amp.  My choices are:

1) Update my current Melos MA-333 & Melos PS-1 with better parts.
2) Purchase a used Audio Research SP-2 and modify it.
3) Or purchase a Tempest.

I need a phono stage and I would like a remote also.  I know the SP-2 does not have a remote but I can install one as part of the mods I would do.  The request for pictures are to sub-do the need to “kick the tires” in regards to the Tempest.  I have lots of info on the SP-2 and since I own the Melos stuff, I have already taken pictures of that.

The costs for option one is about $400-$600.  For option two is $500 for the unit itself and any were from $600 to $1,600 for the mods and updates.