A Fan Letter for Omega, Red Wine & Skylan

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A Fan Letter for Omega, Red Wine & Skylan
« on: 7 Jun 2006, 06:21 pm »

I wanted to write a note to the three of you and tell you all how much I am enjoying your products.

Noel, the speaker stands are such high quality and so well designed.

Vinnie, the Clari-T Custom looks like a little black box but is truly a wonderful amplifier. I can only imagine that the Signature 30 will be even better all around and that you will be swamped with orders.

And Louis, thank you so much for building such magical sounding speakers. The quality of craftsmanship is as good or better than speakers costing a lot more and the sound is so wonderful. I guess the Clari-T and the Super 3 V2's are starting to break in, or I'm just getting used to them.

But the more I listen, the better the music sounds. I am hearing things in the music I didn't know existed. I am truly converted to crossover less speakers and straightforward, clear signal amplification. Jazz and acoustic stuff sounds wonderful but so does my old Pink Floyd music (Wish You Were Here). The bass may not be as low as some other speakers but it is crisp and not muddy.

I am ecstatic. javascript:emoticon(':D')
Very Happy