May 2006 News from Ridge Street Audio Designs...

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Robert C. Schult

May 2006 News from Ridge Street Audio Designs...
« on: 31 May 2006, 07:32 pm »
Hello AC'ers.

Well, we're pleased to have the RSAD Circle back. We'll do our best to make it a meaningful place to visit.

Presently, check out the Recommended Audio and Visual sticky. The audio recommendations have been updated and we've added an Equipment Recommendations section as well. For the Equipment Recommendations, we have no vested interest with any of the companies or products. They're simply equipment and manufacturers we've had experience with and have enjoyed or are enjoying. your mail next week. Longtime coming "Thank You".

As for news on the RSAD front, let me start with this regarding the Sason Ltd. Loudspeaker Project posted to us Sunday, 5/28....

Hello Robert and Steve,

Well....I don't know where to start. Thank you so much for the hospitality, a wonderful day of music and a deeper education into this hobby we love. I'm happy to say that my trip out and back was without problems. I went to RSAD hoping to find a piece of audio nirvana - and I wasn't disappointed.

Talk about a disappearing act. It was as I hoped a 2-way monitor would perform but even better. Soundstage was huge and precise (they gave up nothing to my previous panel speakers (ed. Sound Lab Millennium-1) which completely surprised me). They played effortlessly loud when required and the images were almost "spooky" accurate with voices being so clear and extremely involving. The track I played with the harmonica (which can easily sound hard) was full bodied without a hint of edginess. Hearing the cellist breathing with his instrument was amazing - why have I never noticed that before?! And the about tonal accuracy. I love solo piano works and this was the best I've ever heard - the best. The decay of each note was reproduced to perfection. I'm surprised no previous reviews ever commented on this - if I didn't know better, I'd believe they were voiced to the piano.

You've obviously created something special and I'm just happy I found RSAD and came out for an audition. I suspect there are a lot of audiophiles out there that would feel as I do, if only they would come out and listen.

This email is just a lengthy way for me to tell you I'd like to order a pair of Sason's with the stands.

David Tackes,
Port Orchard, Washington

This was completely unsolicited and we're very pleased to say this is typical of folks reaction when they hear these incredible full range monitors. Another client said he felt these are currently the "best-kept secret in the audio industry right now.  I'm happy to get in on the ground floor!" We're pretty confident he's right.

Here's what the "Ground Floor" looks like right now: MSRP is $12800.00. Factory Direct is $7900.00. Till July 1st we're offering these at $5395.00. There are a few payment options to hold the special pricing past July and your purchase includes our 45 day return policy. You're invited to call or email us and set up an appointment to come hear these things. We'll play some of our music if you bring some of your music to play.:wink:   Truthfully, if you're in the market for new speak's and this fits within your budget, you'd be foolish not to audition these. You're welcome to prove me wrong!:D These are truly beautiful pieces of art (and not without reason) and they sound even better than they look! We also believe these are one of the few loudspeaker offerings at this price point and substantially above even the Sason's MSRP that don't offer image over substance. The Sasons have both in spades.

Oh, and here's an idea...We're in LaPorte, IN and we're minutes away from Bob at SP Tech. When you set your appointment with us, schedule some time to see Bob also while you're here. Perhaps to make an audition easier for some, I believe AC member Ehider has made himself available also to come audition his Sasons if the Detroit area is more convenient for you. Also, I think there's a Gent in Arizona who'd be proud to demo his too. Regardless, don't miss the boat on this folks!

Ah, cabling.....Alethias is coming. Stay tuned for more soon............



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May 2006 News from Ridge Street Audio Designs...
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Hello Robert,
    Nice to see you back !!! :beer: [/list:u]
    Quote your mail next week. Longtime coming "Thank You".
      Wow ....thanks !!! I'll be watching.... :hyper: [/list:u]
        Chris.... :dance: [/list:u]