The 3A monitor lineage (especially Royal Master) Anyone?

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There is a bit of info here and there about the different
3A monitors and their differences but I havent got a clear picture yet.
In a post at this forum i found this

Royal Master Control - 1994
Royal Master - ?
Royal Master II - 1998

And then there was an early version called MMplus i think.
Whitch later became MM Decapo and since a few years MMDecapo i.
Anyone know what years these models were made?

And what models were made in spain/france etc?

Finally- I'm thinking about buying a pair of Royal Masters.
They have wooden sides (walnut?)
So they are probably Royal Master Mk 1?
(or could they be Master Control?)

Answers/info would be greately appreciated!

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The 3A monitor lineage (especially Royal Master) Anyone?
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Contact them for details.  :D