Questions for 3A MM Generation 2 Series Master Owners?

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To whom it may concern:

I believe that I am the owner of the 3A Type MM Generation 2 bookshelf speakers, however I'm unsure how these differ from the MM DeCapos since an "MM" is printed on the back of the speaker.  I don't believe these are the original Royal Series Master speakers, but am not sure.  They have a black finish, however, I don't believe it's the "piano black" (could be the corian, I suppose?).  Also, it indicates that they are made in France and I have had them since approximately 1990.  

At any rate, I'm interested in knowing whether anyone has any suggestions or tips for how I can repair or refurbish the finish on these speakers as the black enamel/coating is beginning to chip in the corners.  Also, does anyone know how I could go about replacing/repairing the cloth grills?  

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.


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Re: Questions for 3A MM Generation 2 Series Master Owners?
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Hi. I've just recently auditioned a system from someone who's planning to sell his set. It comprise of the 3A MM Generation 2 (as yours), Exposure vii preamp, Exposure xviii monoblocks and Exposure CD Player. The system really sounds great. Excellent mids and superb separations, and I was thinking of buying them. Could you probably share your system as well? Thanks. Zack.