Anyone familiar with these MM de Capo I "upgrades"

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Anyone familiar with these MM de Capo I "upgrades"
« on: 13 Oct 2005, 09:32 pm »
Anybody knows about or has experience with these "upgrades" for the stock MM de Capo I's ? I'm wondering if they're worthwhile and would like to hear the opinion of other De Capo owners.

While browsing on Audiogon I came across this ad: (btw, he's asking a very good price IMO!)

However what really caught my eye was the part about upgrading the De Capo I's. Here it is:

Available Upgrades: The MM DE CAPO-i's are truly wonderful speakers but there are just a couple points where these can be taken up a step musically. These are upgrades that have NOT YET been performed on this pair of speakers. For a nominal charge I can perform any one or all of these performance enhancing modifications.

▪ Since the MM DE CAPO-i has no crossover on the main driver it's very revealing of the upstream components but only to the point that the stock binding posts will allow. The stock nickel/gold plated brass binding posts are very handsome but do nothing to improve the sound which makes them my first target for improvement. Cardas makes a wonderful pure copper 5-way binding post. Copper is about 70% more conductive than brass and these Copper Cardas posts have no plating to cause any smearing of the top end. Cardas Copper posts are a dramatic improvement as they allow a more signal to pass unimpeded thus preserving the purity of the music.

▪ Replace the stranded silver plated wire going to the tweeter with very fine 24awg pure 99.99% pure solid silver Teflon coated wire. Using a very fine wire for the tweeter eliminates skin effect artifacts that might otherwise smear the top end. This enhances subtle musical details that are hidden by the stock wire.

▪ Lightly coat each internal connection/solder joint with Mapleshade Silclear silver contact enhancer. Silclear is a fine silver conductive paste that fills in micro gaps/cracks thus improving signal transfer at points that might otherwise be hindering the music.

▪ Bybee Purifiers: Silver Slipstream Purifiers on the tweeters and Large Quantum Purifiers on the main Drivers. These are unequaled in their design and are simply a no brainer if you wish to extract the very most from your new De Capos or other speakers.


Btw, I see that is selling these Cardas pure copper speaker binding posts for 30$.