A few questions

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A few questions
« on: 21 Apr 2003, 01:52 am »
I'm helping a friend put together his first high end system.  I'm building him a 300B SET amp; for now he'll be using it with a Denon DVD/CDP with fixed and variable outputs, as a direct source (2mv).  The listening will be varied with a lot of classical and rock as well as other genres.  My friend is in Latin America so he does not have much chance to audition things before buying... and shipping is a pain so he wants to get it right the first time.

Here are my questions.

1. Most of the enthusiasm I've seen seems to be for the TS-3 (and now the Super 3).  Are these models sensitive enough for a 300B SET amp?  Has anyone tried the Super 3 with a sub?  Will a package deal be available?  For that matter, is the Super 3 now ready to ship?

2. Is a sub necessary with the TS-3 or TS-1 (just looking for opinions from those who've it tried both ways)?

3. He's planning to have some custom stands made locally from exotic hardwood.  Anyone have some DIY type stand designs/suggestions?

4. Last (and least), what wire do people suggest for use with the Omegas.

Money isn't really a big issue- well, actually it is.  My friend is getting married soon and wants to make the purchase while he's.. y'know.. still got some control.  :wink:  So if the consensus is to go for the TS-1's (for the extra 3dB) then he would do it.



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Hi Noam
« Reply #1 on: 21 Apr 2003, 03:34 am »
I listened to most of the line right at the factory in Norwalk.  Having no interest in adding a sub to my two-channel system, I was especially sensitive to bass response.

The entire TS range is impressive where detail and imaging is concerned, but it wasn't until Louis suggested I listen to a (then) "new" model called the TSI "grande" that I was satisfied with the low end output.

A lot of people are excited about the Super 3 system; and I can't wait to get over there to listen.

As far as the sensitivity question, I think 96db is pretty dang sensitive, and in a medium sized room, my SET amp (5W Triode, 15W Pentode) sounds fantastic with the Omegas.

For 'speaker cable, I've been delighted with the Mapleshade Double Golden Helix:  with a topology as simple and a price as sane as the Omegas themselves.

Ths is your buddy's last 8) chance for buying the audio equivilant of a motorcycle before his nuptuals.  I'd recco he go for the "1's", in not only the "Gande" but the "R" version.  Because, IMHO, that was, at least a few months ago, Lou's "top-of-the-line".  Yet...

I also know he's very excited about some new designs.  In fact the "Grandes" evolved from the test pair I took home to a slightly modifed design in the pair I actually purchased.

Why not go to his site and email Louis directly?  Explain the guy's listening tastes and the amplification and the rest of it.  You can be sure of an honest suggestion.

Good luck.  And congrats to the groom.



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A few questions
« Reply #2 on: 22 Apr 2003, 12:10 am »
At the 2003 Midwest Audio Fest there did seem to be a significant difference in efficiency between the TS1's and the Super 3's with a 9 wpc amp.  Note that the speakers were set up in a large (17 ft x 30 ft x 12 ft, 5,000 cu. ft. room).  Levels were OK, but not excessively so.  According to Louis the Super 3's go nearly as low (fs = 55 Hz) as the TS1's.

IMO the Super 3's had clearer, and stronger (but not exagerated) treble response than the TS1's.

The Omega site has TS3's with a matching powered sub for $899, undoubtedly providing more bass than the TS1's or Super 3's while relieving the amp to play louder and allowing the bass to be taylored to the room particulars.  This option would only be $200 more  than Super 3R's and cheaper than any of the TS1's.  BTW, the TS3's are really tiny (a possible WAF).

In my 2,000 cu. ft. listening room, I'm looking at TS3's with a powered sub.

For stands many recommend a design that has a solid front, to help reinforce the bass fro the speakers.  With the powered sub, that wouldn't be necessary.  In any event, the stands should be heavy and well connected to speaker and floor while locating the center of the driver at ear height of the listener.


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A few questions
« Reply #3 on: 22 Apr 2003, 03:23 pm »
Thanks guys.  Louis wrote me back and he seems to feel the Super 3's, with or without sub are a great match with a 300B SET.