DIYCable to sell Bent Products

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John Chapman

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DIYCable to sell Bent Products
« on: 19 Sep 2005, 11:37 pm »

I am happy to announce that Kevin from DIY Cable ( will be selling all Bent Audio Products very soon. I am not going anywhere and will still be here looking after all aspects of pre-sales and post-sales service. This will accomplish a few things but the motivating factors are:

   - Kevin and Dail are both great guys to work with!
   - Kevin is well setup to take various of forms of payment and shipping options.
   - It'll be easier to perform upgrades without shipping back to me here in Canada
   - It'll free up more of my time to continue development of the new TAP pre-amp and more Bentenuation modules along with some other new design ideas in the works.

Soon (eta mid October) we'll be stocking the following at the DIYcable shop:

   - Finished MU Moving Coil step-up transformers.
   - S&B Tx102 Transformers
   - S&B TX103 Transformers
   - S&B LO410 Transformers
   - S&B Grid Chokes
   - Shallco Switches
   - DIY Cable has a good stock of any other parts you'd need to round out diy projects!

Later this fall we'll also be stocking:

1-  The new TAP pre-amp :

2-  The complete range of Bent Modules described here:

As mentioned above I'll be continuing to answer any questions about these products via the forum here, via e-mail and also on the phone. Until we get all stocked up down at the DIY Cable shop I'll continue to offer parts from my stock here at my shop. Also I'll keep a stash of parts here for any orders here in Canada on an on-going basis.

Many Thanks!

John Chapman

Kevin Haskins

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DIYCable to sell Bent Products
« Reply #1 on: 20 Sep 2005, 03:29 pm »
Thanks for the kind words John.   I'm not sure about Dail but I'm looking forward to the new preamp.   ;-)

There is a real void in our line-up and the TAP preamp is going to be a one of a kind product on the market.    I'm looking forward to using it in my system.   The combination with the UCD amplifier modules should be an incredible package.