The Odyssey Room at the MAF

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The Odyssey Room at the MAF
« on: 14 Apr 2003, 05:03 pm »
Where do I start?  I have been wanting to hear and see a Stratos for a long time.  I did listen to one a couple years back at Marbles, but it was tucked away in his rack so I couldn't get a good feel for it.  I did get a feel for its sound and have been wanting to hear it again.  I was glad to hear that Odyssey was going to be at the MAF.

I first meet Klaus in the lobby/lounge during the live music on Friday night.  Yes, he is a big dude.  Saturday morning I started in the Bolder room and eventually made it to Odyssey about 10:30.  

His room was one of the rooms in the convention center which means it was large, basicaly square and had a row of windows along one side (see Klaus' discription in his post).  He had a Stereo Stratos, Lorelei speakers and Symphonic line pre and source going most of the time.  Very, Very, very nice!  He said, "sit, sit down right here," and proceeded with a number of songs.  The presintation was large.  The stage was wide and enveloping with recordings which posessed it.  The room threw back the upper most highs which made the room live/bright.  Not too much to worry about unless you listen in a glass house.  I'm sure if you listened to this system in your room you would not have to worry about things beeing too hot.  The sound had detail, depth, width and some bass...

Klause had about 7 potted plants around his set up.  When he cranked it the port was moving enough air to wave the plants that were 2-3 feet behind it.  I first thought it was the air conditioning, but the other plants were not moving like these.  The woofer implementation in the Lorilies is very good.  mbarnes even commented he hasn't heard that woofer go that low (he uses the same drivers in the 7.0).  The speaker was producing a fine amount of bass rendering them a full ranger for all but the most demanding octave or spl.  No speaker grills which is fine unless you have a great dane or young kids with fingers.

The speaker uses a SS 9700 tweeter which I found very clear but not irratating.  The sound stage started a few feet on the outside of the left speaker over to a few feet outside the right speaker.  Instruments were pin-pointable at various places within this stage.  The speakers were well out into the room which helped to relax them and add depth.  Again, precice for trios and wide and involving for recordings such as Floyd.

The biggest surprise in the Odyssey room was the "little" set up he is selling for $1500!!  It is the Khartago amp, Estesian passive pre, Epiphony speakers and Gronenberg cables.  About $2000 separately.  Add in a source and you good to go.  Good to go with impressive sound.  If I needed a complete simple system for a bedroom, office or such I would have bought this system just like a few people there.  Since my system is half way there I just opted for a Stratos.  I think the biggest difference in the two systems were the speakers.  We listened to the "little" system with the Lorelei speakers and it was of course better.  So if you already have speakers you could add in a new amp and pre for little $$ and have a sound that will certainly rival a Stratos and Tempest.

Klaus does not take orders via the web site.  When a few people asked him about this he said, call me and waved his cell phone.  He does not take order via web because he wants to interagate you about your system.  He will question you of your other components to make sure your purchase will fit into your system or future plans.  Odyssey reads all their resistors and matches them into the amps.  The Stratos goes through 4-5 quality control tests before final assembly.  He will set the bias according to your AC, etc, etc.  Great customer service and quality that was not unusual at the show.  All exhibitors showed concern, interest and service to the attendees.

Can't wait for a shinny new platinum faced Stratos :mrgreen: