Found the Seiden switches (if anyone is interested)

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Ed Sawyer

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hi Folks -

I had posted a while back about where to find the Seiden switches (45SG - 23 postition, dual-deck, shorting) like John used to carry.  The Vendor in Japan that I got them from (Jack @ Tachyon) is actually the same place John got them... small world.  

Anyway, they ran about $165/ea with shipping, and took 2-4 weeks to get them since they are apparently custom made to order.

Very nice switches, but pricey. I can see why everyone loves them, but can also see why John decided not to carry them any more - they are a lot of $.

So, if anyone else is interested in getting them, they are still available. If you need to know where, let me know and I will send you the link.



Found the Seiden switches (if anyone is interested)
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Thanks for the info Ed :)

  I knew that the Seiden switches were quality performers...but I wasn't aware they they had such a high cost  :o .  

   thanks for the info!