Just finished my HT Package #1 in Walnut...Pics now up

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I just finished my surround H/T pasckage that I purchased From Danny a little over a month ago.  This is not my first kit from Danny as I used to own a pair of P1's.  The A/V series lives up to it's reputation,  this set is  levels up from my previous H/T system comprised of Axiom 40, vp150, and QS4's with an Adire Alignment  214L Tempest handling the low end.  

I also have 2 of the Danny's subwoofers  that I'm still in the process of building, taking alot longer because I don't have all the tools at my home.  They will also be in walnut with solid wood inserts for the rounded corners.

The process of building took a lot longer than what I had anticipated, it required me traveling back and forth to and from my uncle's home.

A/V3 front

A/V1rs to be mounted on rear wall

A/V3s center

H/T room almost done[/img]


Just finished my HT Package #1 in Walnut...Pics now up
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Beautious Wendell, looks like you've a really great system in the works there!  I love the warm look of walnut, in fact my upcoming 2 channel speakers will be just that :D   Congratulations!!!

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Looks good Wendell. I like the finish.

Here are some suggestions that will really take your theater to the next level in performance.

1) Add the bass to the A/V-3's and the floor spikes. This will really help stabilize them and tighten up the bottom end. If you did not get floor spikes let me know and I'll send some out to you. I just got some more in recently.

2) Get the speakers pulled out from the wall as much as space allows. This will really open up you sound field and create much better imaging depth.

3) (and this is the most important) Fill that room with room treatment. Wall panels, tube traps, etc. You can put a curtain over the screen that can be drawn across it when listening to music and opened for movies. Quieting the room and doing away with room reflections will make a huge difference and you'll really enjoy the result. I can send you DIY room treatment info too if you like.


Just finished my HT Package #1 in Walnut...Pics now up
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Thanks for all your comments and advice,  I appreciate them all! :D

I cant wait to get my 2 GR SUBS in the mix :mrgreen: