Omegastar 240

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Omegastar 240
« on: 13 Mar 2024, 11:36 pm »

I am new to this site and have considered Van Alstine amps for a couple of years now. Have traded emails with Frank and spoken with him once by phone.

Have been considering the Vision SET 120 but noticed some positive comments about the Omegastar 240.

I am alternating Klipsch Forte iv's and Zu Soul Sixes until I decide which I like better.

My front end is PS Audio transport and Mojo Audio DAC. Main pre is Don Sachs and I rotate Quicksilver horn monos, First Watt F7, and Don Sachs Kootenay amps.

My goal is an amp that is detailed, smooth, and musical.

I am thinking the Omegastar 240 at 120 WPC would benefit both sets of speakers.

Could anyone please share their thoughts?

Thank you,