Suspended Ceiling tiles

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Suspended Ceiling tiles
« on: 18 Sep 2023, 04:12 am »
I’m starting to build a decent rig this next couple of years after 40 years of lofi. We recently moved into a new home and my dedicated music listening and guitar playing room 12’ x 13.5’ x7’) is in the basement with a suspended ceiling. It currently has those thin architectural tiles like this.

The kind when you open the door quick enough they all move up.

I’m not concerned with HT type bass or sound going to the kitchen and laundry room above. I currently have my speakers out 4’ from the front wall (12.5’ wall) and 3’ from the side walls with my chair about 4.5’ from the speakers. This is where they sound best and the bass sounds tightest. So very nearfield.

As I start to buy new equipment, which will be very mid-fi to a lot of you ($3600 a year budget) I’m trying to think about room treatments for my squarish room. I’m keeping the suspended ceiling as I want/need access to water and gas lines there. Any suggestions on the ceiling that don’t involve major renovation?


Re: Suspended Ceiling tiles
« Reply #1 on: 18 Sep 2023, 05:02 pm »
Although ASC is not an AudioCircle sponsor, it is (obviously) a pioneer in room treatments for home audio, and it has a number of suspended ceiling options.  This may also be true for GIK (who is an AudioCircle sponsor) but I have not investigated its offerings in this area


Re: Suspended Ceiling tiles
« Reply #2 on: 18 Sep 2023, 07:21 pm »
i would send photos and room dimensions to GIK and other acoustic supplier and get recommendations from them.  Several of them including GIK offer free evaluations from photos and dimensions.

GIK  helped a lot with my room. i did most of what they recommended, have not done the ceiling yet.