Cryo Pass & Seymour 5362A 20amp receptacle (check them o

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I installed new outlets from VH Audio on my dedicated circuits. I was using Eagle Hospital grade outlets and a few people told me that I should use a Hubbell (can’t recall the model #) or Pass & Seymour.

I picked up 2- Cryo Pass & Seymour 5362A and replaced the Eagle outlets. I have to say that this is the best $40 I have ever spent. The soundstage blossomed and any harshness that was there completely disappeared. I was left scratching my head. Power products amaze me because replacing components such as an outlet, power cord, etc should not make that much difference logically since you have 100’ of Romex in the wall going to a breaker.

How or why would one receptacle sound different? No clue but for $18.99 a pop who cares.

This receptacle has my vote for the best tweak I have ever heard :!:

Link to VH Audio: