Yet another NX-Otica Build Thread

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Re: Yet another NX-Otica Build Thread
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So if I am reading this right you would go with the Neurochrome 286 mono blocks first?  If this is correct how much better is the Neureochrome than the Krell's and do you think it has to do with being mono blocks?

Other way around. These are listed in worst to best order.

I would characterize the Neurochromes as similar in performance to the Krells. Keep in mind that this is a pretty old Krell model (close to 30 years old).

The Parasound and Purifi amps are a nice step up compared to both of these, and these both offer fairly comparable performance. With the tube input buffer, the Purifi amp provides a bit better sound staging, but the Parasound amp has a bit more detail.

The Pass XA60.8 and 300B amps are another step up from these. On the NX-Oticas, these offered similar performance with the Pass amps providing a bit more grunt and the 300B amps providing better midrange performance and a deeper sound stage. On my Line Force speakers, the 300Bs are the clear winners so I sold my Pass amps. But the Line Forces are quite a bit more efficient, and the subs cover more of the mid-bass since the Line Forces don't play as deep as the NX-Oticas.