"Gifted" One old Speaker Cabinet, found this inside!

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Hi all,

   Long story short, I was given an old beat up Speaker Cabinet which had a "Knight" badge on the grill cloth.  Once home, I was eager to pop off the back of the Cabinet and see what (if any) treasure(s) might be hidden inside waiting for my Eyes to see.  I found this:



This is a very excellent condition UTAH 12" Coaxial.  I would like to (have made) a proper (SINGLE) O.B. panel so as to run this UTAH as a MONO System.  I have both a Mono 2A3 I could use or a Mono Pilot Amp.  Might someone be able to guide me/provide me with proper plans/measurements best suited for a single 12" Coaxial Driver.  Note, I tried to open the "The Basic Betsy Open Baffle uses the Betsy OB driver but will probably work with others. A simple way to get started" but received a FORBID 403.  Any help/thoughts/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. 
Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023

SixCats! aka Tom in Maine