Maggies | Sunfire | SVS - What is your favorite Maggie / Amp / Woofer combo?

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Dear Reader,

I understand that several replies will include "I don't use a subwoofer with my Magnepans because they produce enough bass."

Which is great.

If you've never heard a good subwoofer mated to Magnepans. :)

For the rest of us, what's your choice and what do you run with your Maggies?

List the details, please :)


1.7i - Sunfire 7401 (I've reviewed several amps - Pass Labs, Bryston, McIntosh, et cetera - nothing mates as well to MaGGies IMHO as Bob Carver's Sunfire,) - SVS PC 4000 (x2) in stereo mode.


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Maggie LRS with a Power Sound Audio Triax sub (triple 15” drivers, sealed design, 4kw amp).

Awesome!  :thumb:


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Magnepan 1.7i s pair of Magnepan DWMs, 4 sealed boxes of 5 speakers, 4 10s and 1 12 for a swarm subwoofer system.  Power is Digital Amplifier Company Megaschino amp for mains @250wpc, Peachtree Amp 500 for the swarm.

I.Greyhound Fan

1.6QR's with Pass X250 amp 500 wpc, and dual original Martin Logan Dynamo 10" subs.  They are sealed, low power, about 180 watts, 300 peak and blend seamlessly with fast, musical bass and just enough punch.  The original Dynamo subs were underrated.  I listened to RELS and Velodyne Digital Drives with Maggies and the Dynamo integrated the best.

Craig B

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For me, it's .7s powered by a pair of PS Audio M700 monoblocks, with an old Hsu VTF2-MkII single sub. I've never been happier with the Maggies, including long ago when I had MG-1s with a GAS Son of Ampzilla, and then a B&K ST-140. As far as the sub goes, I'm sure there are probably better units out there by now (the Hsu is about 12 or 13 years old), but I'm happy enough that I don't feel the need to upgrade.