Hi Ike here

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Hi Ike here
« on: 5 Apr 2021, 01:45 am »
My name is Ike living in San Jose, new to here.
Nice meeting you all!
Following is my simple intro.
Love to listen jazz, female vocal and some classical with CDs and vinyls.
My gears are mostly quite old
ML CD39, Linn Axis w/ Akito Shute V15MR,
BAT VK 3ix, VK 55SE, Bryston 4BST, Linn Calssik Musik,
Audio Physic Virgo II, Dynaudio Contour 1.3 mk II and JBL L1
Looking forward to sharing funny stories and informative stuffs too.
Thank you all in advance.
Stay healthy with music.


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Re: Hi Ike here
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Welcome Ike  :thumb:
Do you mean say San José in Mexico?

Phil A

Re: Hi Ike here
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Re: Hi Ike here
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Greetings & Welcome to AC Ike   :thumb: