New room- it's square

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New room- it's square
« on: 2 Apr 2021, 09:22 pm »
 Hi All,

I just sent this over to GIK for their advice, but thought i would get your inpout as well. I am building a new house and the only available room for my "Fortress of Solitude" is 10'10" x 11'. It has a peaked ceiling- 10' side walls to 11'5' at the peak. Here is the assumed layout.

The wall behind the chair is a 6' closet with bypass doors.

I am using Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1 bookshelves on 28" stands. I may add one or 2 small REL subs down the road. Right now the source will be a Innuos Zen Mini Mk III and I have a Peachtree Decco 125 integrated. Speaker placement is assumed, and will be adjusted when I get in the room.

I have a thing for symmetry, so setting up at an angle would be challenging for me. Any thought, advice on room treament?
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Re: New room- it's square
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Re: New room- it's square
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So, was playing around with the GIK room visualizer tool. Maybe..........I could make an angled solution work.


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Re: New room- it's square
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Square rooms can be made workable, but will need a lot of bass trapping. The door/closet alcove will help some....

Good that you did the room submission, whichever designer was assigned to your submission will be in touch with you soon.

I don't think the corner setup will help much, but as always, try it and see. Experimentation beats theory every time.

My own room is similarly sized and shaped, I use it for listening, music production (mostly mixing or mastering for clients) and it's my office. You can see how I set it up and treated it here.


Re: New room- it's square
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Thanks JWL. It was assigned to Chris. He said the same thing about the angled placement.
I'm looking forward to his ideas in a few days.


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Re: New room- it's square
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Get ready for 100 Hz boom in that room (speed of sound divided by room dimensions).  Visited an audio shop years ago that had almost identical sized/shaped room (but had plate glass walls) - unlistenable.  I'd try moving loudspeakers to a near-field setup (even closer to the chair to reduce room affects as much as possible).  Bass performance won't change with orientation, but mid/highs should improve with a skewed (non-symmetrical) diagonal setup.  Keep chair as far from walls/corner as possible. 

Small/square rooms are the worst.  Toole/Geddes would tell you to start with multiple subwoofers in corners or midway along the walls, placing one off the floor and trying setting up one out of phase before adding bass traps.  I'd also try room correction DSP.  I realize that all those subwoofers and bass traps will make the room crowded, but it'd make the best of a bad situation. 
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Re: New room- it's square
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I have an 11x15x8.  Not square but close.  I use GIK only for treatment, and spent the first part looking at first reflection points.  Do that and handle
Some form of bass trap in the corners and you’ll be much better.


Re: New room- it's square
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I had my setup in a room identical to yours with the door opening and closet layout. The only difference was mine was 12x12 instead of 11x11. I used the diagonal setup exactly like your pic with floor to ceiling Gik tri traps in the corner behind my seat, and in the corner behind the speakers. Also had a DIY 244 on the door and more bass trapping in the corner opposite the door.

The sound was much better that way than any other configuration I tried. In fact, I thought it was the best small-room sound I had ever had. Amazing image depth for a room that size. Had a few audio friends in, and all were surprised by the sound in the square room.

The real key is to try and listen to the different setups. 

Here's an early pic before the tri traps.


Re: New room- it's square
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Hope its OK to post this. @JWL.GIK please let me know if I need to remove it.
Here is the solution that John from GIK put together for me. He recommended that I change the orientation and i think it is a great idea.
I plan to move forward once the house is complete (hopefully in about 4 months).

GIK products are
CT Alpha Series Corner Bass Trap
4A Alpha Pro Series Bass Trap Diffusor / Absorber (4")
244 Bass Trap with FlexRange Technology
Monster Bass Trap with FlexRange Technology
6" Impression Pro Series Bass Trap Diffuser/Absorber