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« on: 2 Apr 2021, 07:25 pm »
Finally got a new Mac Mini M1 and set up Roon. I’m still learning it, but so far, I have to say that it sounds great and the user experience is dangerously addictive.

The program feels kinda like the bastard child of Apple, Wikipedia, and every record nerd you’ve ever met. It’s still has room to improve (e.g., search function and album recognition can be better), but it looks like they are going full steam ahead with updates. So many details that I’ve never expected. I almost flipped out when I saw that it even gives you the upcoming concert dates for whoever you are looking at. I guess it’s their way of trying to make sure you don’t turn into a hermit with so much to explore at your fingertips.

I wish I had set this up at the beginning of the pandemic.


Re: Roon!!!
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I use Roon too.  There's also an outstanding EQ function you can use to get bass tamed in your room. 


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I'm a ROON lover as well. I also enjoy the seamless integration with TIDAL.


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Re: Roon!!!
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I setup Roon a couple months ago, and, for what it's worth, here's what I ended up with:

1. An Intel NUC dedicated as a Roon ROCK server. I started with an M1 Mac Mini as the server, but it would not reliably serve 192/24 files. Clicks and pops. Lots of troubleshooting on a home network that is small-enterprise quality. Turned out to be the Mac. Roon develops their server software as a light, custom Linux installation, and an Intel NUC is their canonical server. All other version of Roon are adapted to the operating system and incur all the interrupted and competing system processes that Roon has eliminated from their pared down Linux implementation. Many people get Roon to run ok on various home computers, but for the best audio quality, the dedicated Roon ROCK server built according the their excellent instrucations is best. Roon sells a pre-built version of this as the Roon Nucleus on their website.

2. Server is connected by ethernet to 1 Gb switch and an Allo DigiOne Signature or Pi2AES running Ropieee is also hardwired to the same switch. Again, a dedicated, stripped down Linux purely focused on cleanly pulling audio from the ethernet input and getting very low jittter signal out to Coax or HDMI I2S (in the case of the Pi2AES). An Allo USBridge Signature is an option as well, but USB has been tested to be a weak link (e.g.,

3. This can then go to a digital-to-digital transport (I use a Denafrips Gaia) for further jitter reduction and conversion (as desired) before heading to the DAC.

The biggest lesson learned for me was to keep the whole chain running on highly optimized, pared down Linux boxes. General purpose computer OSs just have too many irrelevant processes going on and too much eletrical noise to be good audiophile components.


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Re: Roon!!!
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Roon is incredible.  I love it. Been using it for about 3 months now.  I did the same NUC of amazon with i7, 16GB and 128GB drive.  simple to snap together and put on linux.  Hard drive will all my music.  Ripped SACDs to DSF files, DVDAudio to FLAC.  bought some albums of hires sites.  dump all on that hard drive attached to usb to NUC.  All that for under 700.  Can skip on processor and memory to save some cash.  You can do this for all under $500.  Now roon itself is not cheap.  But its addicting when tied to Tidal or Qobuz.  Hoping amazon comes soon.  Play something you like and it shows all the people who helped or guested on the album along with suggestions from the music genre and others that are similar to the performers.  You discover so much. 

You can buy an all in one streaming what is called "end point" that is roon compatable.  I choose the Matrix Mini Pro-3.  Does all things, has the good clock and just plug into LAN (wired is best) and off you go. Many of the integrated amps are now streaming capable and roon tested.  Best way to go with this and get so much more use out of your loved system.