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« on: 31 Mar 2021, 03:32 am »
Hello all,
My name is Elon.
Long time audio enthusiast. Built first DIY speakers a little over 25 years ago. Primary joy is 2 channel music.  I appreciate proper home theater surround and bass but prioritize music above that.

Hobbies include fine-woodworking, furniture making, reading, cooking, rimfire. 

In a previous career I spent many years in the evolution from construction to home-repair to appliance-repair to small-electronics repair. 

As my small contribution to the DIY community I've been working on a database for comparing the existing mainstream DIY speaker kits based upon their variables of size, costs, brand and model of bare speakers utilized, etc.
A preview is posted on my in-progress website at ezeescrossovers.com

Separate from that I will very soon be offering crossover assembly services to individual customers through the same website. 

Happy to join a new community.


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Re: Hello/intro.
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Welcome Elon, I feel I will not use your crossover services  :wink:
But its definitely a novelty in the market.
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Re: Hello/intro.
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Re: Hello/intro.
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Welcome Elon. Looks like you're a fellow woodworker. Audio and woodworking take me to a happy place, as well.

I suspect the crossover assembly offer will be filling a void in the marketplace and may pave the way for some to embrace the hobby, which seems to be evolving from what it was 25 years ago.


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Re: Hello/intro.
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Welcome from a fellow newbie! There are definitely some crossovers between woodworking and speaker making! I'm looking into Salk Speakers specifically because of the fine woodwork!


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Re: Hello/intro.
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Greetings & Welcome to AC Elon   :thumb: