Introduction and Hello!

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Introduction and Hello!
« on: 26 Mar 2021, 04:26 pm »
Just joined, I posted in the general Intro circle, but looks like here is also a place I should say hi, and introduce myself  :D

I find this kind of post always difficult.  I'll just list some audio-related and non-audio-related factoids that should fill out a rough sketch.

* In life - a scientist (computational biology and toxicology; no more wet-lab work at this point)
* Always loved music (and loud music too often...) but can't play a lick of it
* College system in 90 was yamaha and boston accoustics (bought on that first AMEX card they give out like candy, was heaven)
* Discovered Klipsch Forte II in 95, but my amplification was not great and didn't know it.  5.1 surround sound receivers at this point
* 2017 - Acquired Klipsch Chorus II from my folks (they bought Khorns).  I replaced diaphragms with titanium ones, and replaced crossover networks with Bob Crites
* 2018 - Decided to get a dedicated 2 channel listening setup
* Bought a restored 2270 Marantz and couldn't believe my ears
* Went down the rabbit hole hard...
* Started buying dozens of vintage units from late 60's to early 80s to hear
* Decided I needed to support my habit and pick up vintage electronic restoration as a hobby
* Lots of Marantz and Sansui - Usually Sansui wins out for me
* Avoiding the tubes rabbit hole for a while now, but I feel its pull....
* On the more refined SS note, I did build an 8WPC AmpCampAmp, and I love its sound; playing around with Vintage for a while yet though

Look forward to this community.

Recent restoration of mine:

My listening/testing/storage wall.

My Bench ~ 1 year ago. More cluttered now.

I had QRXRestore do this one - outside of my comfort zone yet (and time)