Raspberry Pi Streaming over HDMI to an Oppo BDP-103?

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Hi AC, it's been mucho years since I've posted. Used to be a regular here, now I''ve been lurking last couple months again. I'm going for a low cost streaming system using mainly stuff I already have laying around. So I was thinking I want to get a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4, and put it in a decent case, and be able to send audio to my stereo. However, to keep things simple, I'd like to use my new (to me) Oppo BDP-103 as the DAC in my system. But it only has HDMI in as a digital input. SO the question is can I use Volumio or RoPieee or whatever, and send the audio over HDMI to the Oppo? Does the RPi send video and audio together over HDMI when running these kinds of software? The Oppo's manual says that in order for it to decode audio over HDMI, there has to be a video signal present. So I guess one answer is "try it", but I wanted to see if anyone knows anything about it first.