Help with Lumin/Roon App

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Help with Lumin/Roon App
« on: 11 Mar 2021, 03:22 am »
I have been running an Auralic Aries and love the Lightning app. Super easy.  I heard the Roon App was better and wanted to check out a Lumin device for increased tonality. So I took the plunge and the interface is not working well. 

Here are my system details.

I use an iPhone and apps for Lumin and Roon.

Now have the Lumin U1 Mini. 
The Lumin app alone is bad.
Roon:  running a core on my macboook.
Roon app on iPhone.

Issue:  app connectivity sucks. What can I do to improve it?  Am I missing something?  It almost always says lost connection on the iPhone and even when it says it connected it doesn’t work.   

Thanks!  Cant find this info anywhere.

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