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Hello Everyone.  Lots of being at home over the last year due to the pandemic got me interested in audio/music all over again as I spent way too much in my home office.   My journey began back when I was 16 ... 40 years ago with a Pioneer Receiver, Kenwood cassette deck, Cerwin Vega speakers, a graphic equalizer of some sort, and Technics SL7 turntable.  I have owned different Onyko receivers  and Polk and DefTech speakers for home theatre over the years.    My current music setup for my home office  includes a new Emotiva TA-100 amp, Axiom M3 speakers (circa 2009), a new Emotiva SE8, and tons of music from  CDs loaded into the computer as well as things like ClassicFM and Amazon music.   My favorite part of the new adventure is listening to well-recording music, almost regardless of the genre—classical, jazz, country, rock and roll ...  And I still have the Technics turntable.  David


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Welcome David


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Greetings & Welcome to AC David   :thumb:

Phil A

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