YouTube Music Service

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YouTube Music Service
« on: 21 Feb 2021, 03:24 am »
I like to share with you my experience with music streaming services. Currently, I get subscriptions to both, Spotify and YouTube (hence get Youtube(YT) Music inclusive as well).

1. The sound reproduction from YTMusic is superior to Spotify.
2. In addition to YTMusic I get all services from YouTube uninterrupted.
3. You get access to many types of music from YT Music e.g Nelson Riddle and old music recorded from Vinyl. Obviously, you can't get the current crop of releases. Fellow music lovers do try or experiment with it.

All in all, I get more value from YouTube than Spotify. My 2 cents worth of contribution. Any comments welcomed.

BTW  I don't subscribe to any other services, eg Netflix, etc.