LDR3000x Passive & Active Preamps

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LDR3000x Passive & Active Preamps
« on: 13 Feb 2021, 08:38 pm »
Hi All,

We have been considering where to go next with our collection of past and current preamp designs in terms of both the external enclosure aesthetics and their internal designs. Some of you may be familiar with our current LDR3000T.V25 Tube Preamp and it's close cousin the LDR3000P.V25 Passive Preamp - both models are balanced preamps. These were both built around our long lived black powder coated extruded 3" x 6" x 8" aluminum box also used by our LDR1 and LDR3 series that goes all the way back to 2012.

Today, we are starting the process of coming out with our new enclosure design that will replace the all-black Tortuga box. In some ways it closely resembles the enclosure we used in our older LDRx and LDRxB models. It combines the best of brushed anodized aluminum, powder coating, and hand finished sustainable bamboo, in a handsome casework that is pleasing to look at, inherently robust, relatively easy to build, and is highly adaptable to both larger and smaller models all of which will utilize the same dimensioned side panels. 

The model represented in these 3D CAD images are of the new LDR3000x.V3 that will ultimately come in 3 nearly identical variations including a balanced tube model (shown here), a solid state model, and of course a passive model. All will be based around our newest V3 series electronic stepped attenuator/controller. All will be powered via AC mains into new internal power supply modules, tube boards and solid state boards appropriate to each model variant. All variants will be balanced with 3 sets of XLR inputs, 3 sets of RCA inputs, plus a pair of both XLR and RCA outputs.

Dimensions are approximately 12.5" wide, 9.5" deep (plus knob & jacks), by 2.5" tall (plus feet). Front and rear panels are anodized brushed aluminum, the top is powder coated aluminum, bottom is unfinished aluminum, and the sides are hand finished solid bamboo.

Anyone ordering a current LDR3000T or LDR3000P going forward will receive an LDR3000x.V3 variant when they become available. 

More info will be forthcoming over the next few weeks including a bit more detail on the internals.