Good phono stage to use with a Decware Super Zen Triode Amplifier

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Hello! I am new to this forum and haven't had a good system for 30 years. I recently purchased a Decware Super Zen 2.3 watt amplifier and Omega CAM speakers. I would also like to use my vintage Marantz turntable with this system. I'm hoping people might have suggestions for a reasonably priced phono stage--something on the inexpensive side to get me going but works decently with this system. I'm wondering if the Shiit Mani  phono stage for $129 would be a good choice?


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Hello BJF,

This forum might not be the best place to post this question, and a few more details my help too. For example:
  • What Model Turntable?
  • What cartridge is mounted?
  • Is price that the determining factor?
  • Do you ever listen to Mono, old London, or 78?

Personally, I'd look at, or, or depending on your needs. Obviously, none of these are tube stages, and there plenty of worthy contenders in that category as well.

Best, Alan


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Thank you for the response. I'm definitely a newbie, so I am happy for the questions.

Marantz 6370Q turntable. I bought it new back in the day.
I also need a cartridge. I'm thinking about a grado MM, maybe a/ Green3 Prestige 3 Series
Never never listen to mono, old London or 78

One option for price might be to wait until I can afford a Decware phono stage.

Thanks again, Brian